Are you looking for skilled, entry-level workers who will show up every day, on time, dressed professionally and ready to work?

Hope Builders’ staff can help. Hope Builders works to match the skills, interests and abilities of its program participants with employers’ needs. 42% of employers hire from Hope Builders because they trust that we have vetted the candidate. You will benefit from:

APPLICANT SCREENING—Hope Builders carefully screens each candidate to match company culture, personality, skills and experience.

INTERVIEW SCHEDULING—Hope Builders will assist with the screening and scheduling of interviews so you don’t have to.

INCREASED RETENTION—Hope Builders provides 24 months of ongoing mentoring and training resources to graduates, increasing their likelihood of remaining employed. This means that you save the time, money and hassle associated with rehiring.

Hosting Hope Builders’ externs is rewarding and impactful. They are dedicated to learning, respectful and compassionate in their care of patients.

— Thea Harries, RN, BSN
Director of Clinical Nursing Group, St. Jude Medical Center


To hire a Hope Builder, or to get more information, please call (714) 543–5105 or email info@tsjhopebuilders.org.