The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange are a congregation of Catholic women who share a common foundation and mission with thousands of sisters in St. Joseph congregations throughout the world. The mission of all Sisters of St. Joseph is a participation in the mission of Jesus: to bring all people into union with God and with one another, serving them according to their needs and their own various gifts, in all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy that may be within the power of the congregation.

The Sisters strive to be mindful of the diverse and unmet needs of the dear neighbor. They work together with people living in the neighborhoods they serve to help improve the well-being of the local community.


Like the time of their founding in 17th century France, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange today act with bold faith to take risks to address the ills of society, adapt to the needs of the time, and offer a compassionate presence to the people they serve. The founding of Hope Builders stemmed from this bold faith by the Sisters, while other longstanding and newly established ministries of theirs continue to evolve to meet the community’s needs.