Name Employer Hourly Wage
Abdulaziz Morillo Construction, Inc. 17
Abigail Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Adriana Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Adriana St. Joseph Heritage 14.30
Agustin St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare 15.69
Alicia MemorialCare Medical Group 14.28
Alma St. Jude Heritage Group 14.50
Alondra St. Jude Heritage Group 15
Alyssa Fletcher Jones Mercedes 14
Amanda Fayer Gipson LLP 22.11
Ana AppleCare Medical Group 14
Ana Share Our Selves (SOS) 15
Ana UC Irvine 15.35
Andrew So Cal Builder Services 15
Angel Aire Rite 16
Angie Share Our Selves 14
Anthony Sunwest Electric 15
Ariana Care Ambulance 14.50
Ary American Solar Direct 15
Ashley St. Joseph Heritage 15.22
Atzay Share Our Selves (SOS) 15
Benito Southland HVAC and Construction 15
Betsy UC Irvine 15.93
Brenda Kaiser 18
Brenda UC Irvine 16.37
Brenda UCI Medical Center 15.53
Briana Prospect Medical Group 16.50
Bryan So Cal Builder Services 15
Carlos The Lighting Gallery 14
Carlos Portrait Construction 18
Carmen Medata, Inc. 15
Cassandra Associated Gastroenterology Medical Group 15
Cassandra Wine Country Gift Baskets 14.95
Celeste UC Irvine 15.53
Christian DEB Construction 14
Christopher Newport Orthopedic Institute 15
Cristina Share Our Selves (SOS) 15.50
Claudia St. Joseph Heritage 14.50
Consuelo Providence St. Joseph Health 15
Cristina St. Joseph Heritage 15.62
Cynthia St. Joseph Heritage 14.54
Daisy UCI Medical Center 18.42
Daniel Miles & Kelley Construction Co. 15
Denise UC Irvine 15.53
Denise Newport Orthopedic Institute 16.50
Derek JTC Estates 15
Deyvis Barnes Solar 15
Deyvis T 3 Contractors 17.67
Dulce Sand Canyon Urgent Care 16
Dulce Vitatech Nutrtional Sciences 15
Edgar Dittemore Insulation Contractors, Inc. 18.12
Edgar Mammoth Electric, Inc. 15.10
Edith Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Edward Miles & Kelley Construction Co. 14.50
Edwin AMPAM 14
Elizabeth Share Our Selves (SOS) 16
Elizabeth St. Joseph Heritage 15
Elizabeth UC Irvine 15.53
Elizabeth UCI Medical Center 18.92
Elizeth Bienstar Medical Center 15
Elizeth UC Irvine 15.53
Emmanuel Associated Gastroenterology Medical Group 15
Emily UC Irvine 15.35
Enrique La Amistad Family Health Center 15
Ernesto Saputo Construction Inc. 15
Esmeralda Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Evelyn Los Alamitos Medical Group 15.50
Evelyn MemorialCare Medical Group 16.32
Felix JTC Estates 18
Genaro Demolition Specialist, Inc. 14.63
Genesis St. Joseph Heritage 14
Gerardo Career Strategies Temporary Inc. 16
Gonzalo Aire Rite 15
Guadalupe UCI Medical Center 15.53
Hector Pan American Properties 16
Iris St. Joseph Heritage 15
Isabel MicroVention 16
Jacqueline Share Our Selves (SOS) 15
Jacqueline St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle ServicesCal Builder Services 14.30
Jaysell St. Joseph Heritage 15.09
Jazmin Island Dermatology 14
Jazmine UC Irvine 18.42
Jennifer Doortek Systems 15
Jennifer UC Irvine 15
Jessica St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle Services 14.30
Jesus Isidro Contracting 15
Jesus Share Our Selves 15.50
Jesus Southern Counties Lubricants 14
Joanna Prospect Medical Group 16.50
Jocelyn UCI Medical Center 16.83
Jose Tait & Associates 14
Joseline America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses 15
Jovani Premier Student Loan Center 14
Justine Deutsche Bank 18
Justine Open Door Centers 15
Karina MedData 14
Katherine St. Joseph Heritage 14.54
Kevin HBCC 14.50
Kevin La Amistad Family Health Center 15
Kevin Sunwest Electric 15
Kevin Vantari Genetic 14
Kiara UC Irvine 15.35
Kyle Reborn Cabinets Inc. 15
Lorena Allied Medical Supply 14
Luis Contreras Dry Wall Finishing 14
Madelaine Innocean 14
Maria Coastline Orthopaedic Associates 14
Maria Orange County Rescue Mission 14
Maria Share Our Selves (SOS) 15.50
Maria St. Joseph Hospital 18
Maria St. Joseph Hospital 15
Maria UCI Medical CEnter 18.65
Marialorena St. Joseph – Pain Management 15.09
Mariate Pacific Coast Title Company 14
Maribel AltaMed 15.50
Maricela Hoag Business Services 14
Marilyn UC Irvine 20.86
Marisol Carrington Mortgage 14
Maritza Camino Health Center 15
Mayte StaffRehab 15
Megan Nexus Solar System 14
Mele MemorialCare Medical Group 16.50
Melanie North Orange County Regional Health 14
Miguel MemorialCare Medical Group 14.75
Miriam UCI Medical Center 20.32
Modesta Health Care Partners Clinic 14.75
Nancy St. Joseph Heritage 15.09
Natalie Newport Doctors Medical Group 14
Nayeli UC Irvine 15.33
Nicholas A.J. Kirkwood & Associates, Inc. 16
Nicole St. Joseph Health 15
Nicole St. Jude Medical Center 15.45
Olivia Newport Doctors Medical Group 14
Ostin JLM Installations Inc. 16.16
Pamela UCI Medical Center 18.18
Paulina Regenerative Medical Group 15.50
Raul Mammoth Electric, Inc. 15.10
Reina Access OC 16
Richard A. Alvarado Painting 20
Richard Davis Development Company, Inc. 18.57
Rogelio True Vision Enterprises Inc 14
Rose Opus Bank 16
Roxana MemorialCare Medical Group 16.06
Ruben Share Our Selves (SOS) 15.50
Ruben Sunpeak Construction 15
Ruby Alignment Healthcare 16
Sabina California Veterinary Specialist 15
Salvador Miles & Kelley Construction Co. 14.50
Sandra St. Jude Heritage Group 14.25
Sandy Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Sophia Share Our Selves (SOS) 14
Tania Newport Orthopedic Institute 15
Tiera UC Irvine 15.53
Ulises Kakae Landscaping 14.50
Ulysses D&J Roofing 17
Urias Cammacks Construction County Rescue Mission 14
Urias True Power Solar 16.67
Vanessa Common Areas 15
Veronica UC Irvine 15.35
Viridiana UC Irvine 15.53
Viviana PCW Millworks Incorporated 14
Xochitl UC Irvine 15.53
Yesenia St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare 16.50
Yesica Serve the People 14.50
Yocelyn UC Irvine 15.53



Name Employer
Adriana Rancho Santiago Community College
Aidee Share Our Selves
Alexia St. Joseph Heritage
Alfonso Hope Builders Construction Company
Alicia MemorialCare Medical Group
Alma St. Jude Heritage Group
Ana Share Our Selves (SOS)
Angelica American Auto Financing
Angelica H&S Marketing DBA Client Processing Services
Ary American Solar Direct
Ashley Hurtt Family Health Clinic
Atzay Share Our Selves (SOS)
Brian Hakes Sash & Door
Briana MedCor
Brenda St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle Services
Cesar GMC Engineering
Christina CASA for Children
Cinthia Hope Builders
Claudia H&S Marketing DBA Client Processing Services
Cristina Share Our Selves (SOS)
Daisy UCI Medical Center
Dana Student Loan Counsel
Donna Lestonnac
Dulce Vitatech Nutritional Services
Enrique La Amistad Family Health Center
Edith UCI Medical Center
Eduardo Family Company
Edward MemorialCare Medical Group
Edward Miles & Kelley Construction Co.
Elizabeth Share Our Selves (SOS)
Ernesto Miles & Kelley Construction Co
Estevan Largo Concrete
Gerardo Tradesman Electric Inc
Jacqueline Morgan Stanley Financial
Jacqueline Share Our Selves (SOS)
Jennifer MemorialCare Medical Group
Jovani H&S Marketing
Judith Health Care Partners Clinic
Kevin St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle Services
Leslie Friends of Family Health Center
Luis Walker’s Windows
Luis Contreras Dry Wall Finishing
Luis Hope Builders Construction Company
Maria St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle Services
Mariate Pacific Coast Title Company
Marisol Carrington Mortgage
Mayra St. Joseph Health – Revenue Cycle Services
Mayra St. Joseph Health – Supply Chain Department
Nancy City of Santa Ana
Nilton Centers of Rehabilitation and Pain Management
Richard ProPlas Technologies
Sandra St. Jude Heritage Group
Steven Transdev
Thomas Bergelectric


The young people that we have hired from Hope Builders are eager to learn and have proven to be dedicated, hardworking employees.

— Mark Mardock
Past Executive VP — CA Region, McCarthy Building Companies

Their graduates have demonstrated that they are adequately prepared and equipped to thrive in their medical assistant and billing positions. We‘ve been repeatedly impressed and extremely satisfied with the program’s results and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Hope Builders in the future.”

— Chelci Fadden
office manager, Santa Ana Hurtt Family Health Clinic

It’s a win-win: we get the benefit of trained and bilingual volunteers and they get to see health care in action by helping to assist patients and families, observing the roles of the surgical team, and learning about the needs of those who are uninsured or underinsured.

— Ericka Waidley
Executive Director, AccessOC

Hope Builders preserves hope for many young people that wish to turn their lives to productive purpose. We have been honored to stand beside them in this effort and employ their graduates.

— Richard Heim
President/ceo, Clark Construction Group

Hope Builders prepares people for our industry. There’s nothing like the enthusiasm of a young person ready to get a job.

— Brad Silva
Past National Training Manager, Bergelectric Corporation

Hope Builders has matched us with graduates whose makeup has been ideal for our organization and mission. We’ve hired Hope Builder graduates because they have demonstrated an admirable work ethic and excellent customer service.

— Jeremy Elkins
Physician Assistant, Share Our Selves Medical Clinic