How Nilton Found His Way

Nilton Slide

Nilton grew up in a small agricultural town in eastern California. His parents worked their way up from nothing to give Nilton a better life. When Nilton was 20, he moved to Orange County on his own in hopes of finding more opportunities. Things didn’t work out how Nilton had hoped. He was forced to work two part-time retail jobs just to get by. It wasn’t until Nilton was 23 that he found Hope Builders and enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assisting program.

How did you hear about Hope Builders?
“I heard about Hope Builders from my church. It sounded like an excellent opportunity to start and progress my education. I used to feel really lost because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. It felt like every direction was a dead-end.”

What was your life like before Hope Builders?
“Before attending Hope Builders, I worked in retail. I had always wanted to further my education to start a career, but I lacked guidance, direction, and financial means. I felt stuck. Until I found Hope Builders, it was like I was running in the dark.”

What have you learned so far at Hope Builders?
“I’ve learned about giving injections, administering medications, assisting doctors, changing and dressing wounds, and even assisting in minor surgery. The life skills have taught me a lot, too. I’ve learned things like time management, emotional awareness, finances and budgeting, social skills, and job preparedness like professional attire, interviewing skills, and resume building. The computer classes have also improved my typing skills and familiarized me with digital healthcare interfaces.”

What do you plan to do after Hope Builders?
“I’ve fallen in love with healthcare here. After I advance from training, I want to find a part-time job as a medical assistant so that I can go to school, too. I want to start college in the fall. My ultimate goal is to get a BA in biology, attend medical school, and become an Oncologist.”

How has your life changed?
“I feel like I have direction now. I feel like I’m on my way to something great. It has also showed my younger brothers that there are opportunities out there. One of my brothers is even going to college next fall as well. It will be weird to be in college as the same time as my younger brother, but I’m just happy to see him making good choices.”

What do you think of Hope Builders now?
“If it wasn’t for Hope Builders, I would still be wasting time wondering what to do with my life. I don’t think people realize what an incredible opportunity this program is.”