25 Days for Building Hope – A Virtual Campaign to Celebrate Hope Builders’ 25th Anniversary

25 days blog photo

In place of our annual gala this year, we are hosting our fundraiser online! On Friday, August 14th, Hope Builders is launching 25 Days for Building Hope. During these 25 days, we will be celebrating Hope Builders’ 25th Anniversary by publishing a series of videos to help tell our story. It’s a story filled with countless examples about how Hope Builders changes lives. The story will start with our humble beginnings and mission to build a pathway to prosperity—for young adults trying to escape poverty. Then, it will highlight the successes we’ve had, in moving towards becoming a thriving social enterprise, and our plans for the future.

This campaign will also give you unique opportunities to support Hope Builders and the young adults, who enroll with the goal of transforming their lives. Please join us with a gift to one of the following:

Career Registry- Provide trainees with the classroom and professional materials they need for success.

Amigo Scholarship- Help empower our trainees with the career skills training they need to succeed in the workplace.

Corporate Sponsorship- Join Orange County business leaders in empowering young adults with the mentorship, job training and support they need to transform their lives and launch their careers.

The 25 Days for Building Hope Campaign will conclude Monday, September 7. Hope Builders’ success isn’t possible without your generous support. Join us today to ensure Hope Builders continues to help Orange County’s young adults thrive for another 25 years!

Click here for live campaign updates.