Alumni Spotlight: Brian


Brian heard about Hope Builders from his girlfriend, Natalie, who was enrolled in its medical assisting program. “I felt stuck working retail and figured I had nothing to lose,” Brian recalls. Motivated to change his life, he submitted an application to Hope Builders’ construction training program.

Over the course of the 12-week training program, Brian mastered the fundamentals of construction while demonstrating that he could show up for work on time everyday, ready to work. Brian reflects, “Hope Builders gave me a sense of direction in my life and also taught me new skills like better communication and time management.”

Today, Brian and Natalie are both pursing their dream careers as employees with Morrow Meadows and Central City Community Health Center, respectively.

As a team member for Morrow-Meadows’ build for Walt Disney Imagineering, Brian shares, “I love my job! I get to use the skills I learned at Hope Builders every day.”

Adam Orrill, General Field Superintendent for Morrow-Meadows affirms Brian’s job performance by sharing, “He has a good attitude and the initiative to make an excellent Morrow-Meadows team member… Since his first day on the job, Brian has shown up consistently with a great work ethic.”

Over the past nine months, Brian excelled in the field and even recently applied to become an apprentice to continue his education and career advancement. “I’m proud to have more responsibilities. My foreman and apprentices have helped me to better understand how a real site operates. I always try my best to do a good job in a timely manner.”

Brian also shared his gratitude to everyone at Hope Builders and Hope Builders Career Connections—the agency’s social enterprise staffing agency—for providing him with the mentorship, life skills and job skills training needed to launch his career. “Right after training I received three job offers. I had a real dilemma, but know I made the best choice for me and my future. Thank you!”