Amigo Spotlight: John and Katherine Tracy

John Tracy

John Tracy, a math tutor with Hope Builders’ construction training program, is a true Amigo to our young adults. He reports in twice weekly to mentor, encourage and provide math tutoring to the young men and women working diligently to gain the skills and knowledge needed to launch their careers in the industry. Upon his 2016 retirement from Boeing as Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Engineering, John’s desire to continue to help identify promising young talent for the workforce eventually brought him to Hope Builders.

John and his wife Katherine also generously provide annual financial support to ensure Hope Builders can best serve young people, who are looking for a second chance. Initially, John and Katherine’s giving was inspired to honor his mother, a life-long learner and supporter of education, with the Victoria Alegria Memorial Scholarship. Over the years, John’s interactions with trainees–listening to their experiences and learning more about their challenges— has also greatly influenced his giving.

“We trust Shawna and her team to use our support to help the young men and women of Hope Builders to eliminate the barriers that prevent them from advancing,” John shares. “During one of last year’s fall fundraiser zoom events, Eddie, a trainee I’ve worked with, shared how I was the first person in his life to tell him I was proud of him. I didn’t even know he heard me. To realize my comments had a positive impact on him was very moving.”

John and Katherine have since earmarked their giving to help trainees and graduates remove the financial burdens that prevent them from securing and retaining employment in the construction industry. For example, a lack of reliable transportation is a significant barrier, so a portion of John and Katherine’s support helps with car repairs, registration fees and gas cards.

“Katherine and I want to help Hope Builders fill any gap a young person is struggling with that may prevent their future success. We are happy to provide tools, rent assistance, transportation assistance, math skills, whatever it takes” John elaborates.

Hope Builders is extremely grateful to John and Katherine Tracy for their generous support of Hope Builders and steadfast belief in the potential of the young men and women Hope Builders serves.