Brookfield Residential


Hope Builders is grateful to Brookfield Residential for their Platinum sponsorship of 10 Days for Launching Careers.

Brookfield Residential has a longtime partnership with Hope Builders, helping young adults build a pathway to prosperity through financial investments and employee engagement.

The strategic guidance of Adrian Foley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Development at  Brookfield Properties, and John O’Brien, VP of Southern California Housing for Brookfield Residential, influenced the evolution of Hope Builders in recent years. Notably, their leadership supported the establishment of Hope Builders Career Connections (HBCC)—the agency’s social enterprise staffing agency. Now recognized as a hiring source for local employers seeking reliable, motivated and skilled workers, HBCC is on track to generate more than 25% of the overall revenue Hope Builders generates.

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to enriching the lives of young adults in our community, Hope Builders named Brookfield Residential the recipient of its Best of Friends Award in 2017.

Foley shares “We have a responsibility to the community. Not only to those we build, but also to those in which our employees live. Brookfield wants all residents of Orange County to thrive.”

Hope Builders appreciates Brookfield Residential’s ongoing support and is proud to recognize them as Platinum Sponsors of 10 Days for Launching Careers.