Clark Construction-Investing in the Future of the Workforce

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Hope Builders is proud of its continued partnership with Clark Construction Group, one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States. When discussing the quality of Hope Builders’ graduates, Carlos Gonzalez, Division President of Clark Construction, shares “I have found graduates from Hope Builders are more reliable, more dependable, more honest, harder working and better equipped at the basics of construction skills.”   

Carlos went on to share his belief that, “Hope Builders brings together a chance to help our neighbors and make our community stronger by providing young and vulnerable people a real and tangible path to self-reliance. Hope Builders transforms lives and creates leaders in the community that are impacting a whole new generation.” 

Hope Builders is delighted that Clark Construction Group has supported its 10 Days of Building a Pathway to Prosperity campaign as a Platinum Sponsor. Their ongoing investment in Hope Builders enables us to build a pipeline of skilled professionals, ready to take on the demands of today’s workforce.