CMA Trainee Spotlight: Janeth

Janeth G (2)

Join me in congratulating Janeth for working tirelessly to launch herself on a pathway to prosperity.  27-year-old Janeth is the oldest of ten siblings. At 17 years old she moved out of her family’s house and began working in retail but struggled to make ends meet. Janeth always dreamed of building a career in healthcare and continuing her education but financial stressors, unstable housing and the uncertainty of where to begin diminished her self-esteem. Janeth recalls, “I often felt like giving up but then I met my mentor. I became inspired by her path to becoming a doctor. I loved learning from her and took a strong interest in the medical field, I just wanted to continue learning.”

Shortly thereafter, Janeth enrolled in Hope Builders’ Clinical Medical Assistant program to build the future she dreamt of. Immediately following Janeth’s completion of training, Hope Builders Career Connections (HBCC) —Hope Builders’ social enterprise staffing agency—placed her in a job with Providence, earning a starting salary of $19.07 per hour with full benefits. “Hope Builders helped me achieve my dream of having a career and helped me to see that I can do anything I set my heart to. My self-esteem is better now thanks to all of you,” said Janeth.

Thank you for giving Janeth the opportunity to pursue her dream and launch her healthcare career.