Creating the Future of the Essential Workforce

Hope Builders is proud to share that many of its graduates are considered essential workers during this health crisis. Your support directly helped these ambitious young people launch their careers.

Essential healthcare worker happy to help any way she can.
St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group hired Yesenia in September 2019 to work as a medical assistant at the Pavilion Cardiology Clinic. Two weeks ago, Yesenia responded to a call for help for hospital staff to voluntarily change assignments to support St. Joseph’s respiratory clinic, which was opened to respond to the influx of patients from COVID-19. Yesenia shared, “I’m so grateful to be here that I’m happy to help out and serve our patients any way I can.”

“I never thought I’d be considered essential as a construction worker.”
Jose started his paid internship with DBS Cabinets on March 9, just one week prior to California’s shelter in place order. Excited by the opportunity and determined to be a good representative of Hope Builders, Jose continues to show up every day on time. Thinking ahead, Jose called Hope Builders last week for help in securing a note from his employer. “I’m on parole and don’t want anything to set me back. What if I get pulled over on my way to work? How can I prove that I am an essential worker?” With the help of Hope Builders, Jose now has a letter he keeps in his car just in case. “I never thought I’d be considered essential as a construction worker. It feels good to know I’m important to someone,” Jose reflected.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Hope Builders. Your generosity strengthens Orange County.