eMaxx Partners

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Hope Builders is grateful to eMaxx Partners for their Platinum sponsorship of 10 Days for Launching Careers.

eMaxx Partners helps brands define and activate their purpose and has driven Hope Builders’ recent brand strategy and growth plans. As a result of their involvement, Hope Builders continues to innovate how a nonprofit delivers impact.

Tim Blett, CEO of eMaxx Partners, serves as Chair Emeritus of Hope Builders’ Board of Directors. During his tenure, Hope Builders evolved its model to maximize the quality of outcomes for young adults and employers. “Hope Builders’ successful transition from a traditional nonprofit to a blended social enterprise model is one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve had the privilege to lead,” Blett shares. “But the most significant impact this work has had on me is watching young people transform their lives. It’s hard to describe the inspiration I get from working with the trainees, the Hope Builders team, and the entire Hope Builders community.”

Thank you, eMaxx Partners, for your generous support of Hope Builders as a Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.