eMaxx Partners- Leading Hope Builders to a Thriving Future

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Hope Builders is proud to introduce eMaxx Partners as a Premier Sponsor of the 25 Days For Building Hope campaign. Over the past year, eMaxx Partners’ CEO and Partner, Tim Blett, has lead the Hope Builders’ team through a Marketing and Growth Assessment Process (M-GAP) to uncover key insights to help guide strategic brand & growth recommendations.

The M-GAP process has helped Hope Builders clearly define its mission and continues to help Hope Builders create goals and strategies to ensure a thriving future.  Hope Builders’ newly defined three-year plan is to: scale its model to ultimately double the number of young adults eligible to complete training and enter a career pathway; and, strengthen sustainability through the growth of its social enterprise, with the goal of generating 25% of revenue through earned income.

Recently Tim Blett joined Hope Builders’ board of directors and assumed the role of Board Chair. His leadership, expertise and enthusiasm will lead Hope Builders to successfully accomplish its three-year growth plan. Hope Builders is grateful to Tim and eMaxx Partners for their dedication and leadership.