eMaxx Partners

e-Maxx Partners

Hope Builders is honored to recognize eMaxx Partners as a Premier sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.  

Tim Blett, CEO of eMaxx Partners, serves as Chairman of Hope Builders’ Board of Directors. As Tim shares his own “First Day of Work Story,” it becomes clear he’s not afraid of hard work: 

Tim brings his trademark dedication and desire for excellence to his role at Hope Builders. Under his leadership, the organization has boldly planned for its future. Leading them through a Marketing and Growth Assessment Process (M-GAP), Blett has guided Hope Builders’ brand strategy & growth plans. As a result, Hope Builders is on track to evolve the organization into one of Orange County’s most successful nonprofits. By 2024, it seeks to double the number of young adults that it connects to careers and generate 25% of its revenue through its social enterprise staffing agency, Hope Builders Career Connections (HBCC). 

“Hope Builders’ successful transition from a traditional nonprofit to a blended social enterprise model is one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve had the privilege to lead,” Blett shares. “But the most significant impact this work has had on me is watching the lives of these young people transformed. It’s hard to describe the inspiration I get from working with the trainees, the HB team, and the entire Hope Builders community.” 

Hope Builders is very grateful to Tim Blett and eMaxx Partners for their continued investment in Hope Builders as a Premier sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers