Employer Highlight: 24HRC


Last week, Hope Builders’ construction training program graduates Jose, Mario and Ruth, pictured above, spoke to a group of interested applicants. They talked about their own experiences at Hope Builders and encouraged the group to apply.  Ruth talked about all of the help that she got—from counseling to transportation assistance to resume prep. Jose said that Hope Builders helped him become more confident. They told the group to work hard during training so that they could be placed with an employer like 24HRC, where each of them is now working.

Since 2019, 24HRC has helped dozens of Hope Builders launch their careers in the construction industry. Jose started with 24HRC in September as a temp to hire employee of our social enterprise, Hope Builders’ Career Connections (HBCC). “I work hard to show up on time and do my job well, Jose shares. He’s excited that 24HRC is promoting him to become a lead and now he will oversee his fellow Hope Builders, Mario and Ruth.

Hope Builders is grateful to 24HRC for providing jobs with exciting opportunities for advancement to our graduates as a result of their knowledge, dependability and hard work.