Francisco is Rehired as an IT Technician!


Hope Builders is dedicated to sharing good news with you during the coronavirus pandemic. We just received word that Francisco, a graduate of Hope Builders’ Information Technology academy, was rehired by C3 Tech after they received a Payroll Protection Program loan!

“It was a lot of work, but in the end, it was worth it.”
Francisco grew up in Costa Mesa. After graduating from high school, he dreamed of continuing his education, but lacked direction and money to afford classes. He worked at the Balboa Bay Club to save for college.

At age 20 Francisco heard about Hope Builders from a friend. “I was curious to learn more about their IT program since I was always helping friends fix computers and phones,” he recalls. Francisco admits that the training really challenged him; Hope Builders offers its IT classes through Santa Ana College, and graduates receive up to 18 credits towards their AA degree. “It was a lot of work, but in the end, it was worth it,” Francisco recalls.

From Jobs Work intern to full-time employee despite pandemic.
In January 2020, Francisco completed training and was selected by Hope Builders’ employer partner, C3 Tech, to work as a paid intern for 12 weeks. Hope Builders’ Construction Company remained the employer of record and provided him ongoing coaching and support to ensure retention. Although Francisco excelled in his internship, the company was unable to offer him full-time employment once COVID-19 began to impact business.

Francisco increased his hours at the Balboa Bay Club to help manage take-out orders to ensure he didn’t need to dip into his savings. Thankfully several weeks later, C3 Tech received a Payroll Protection Program loan which allowed them to hire Francisco full-time. He now earns $15 per hour with full benefits. “I’m excited for the next stage of my career. Thank you for making this possible!”

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