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Hope Builders is proud to recognize Guaranty Chevrolet as a Premier sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers

Guaranty Chevrolet and the Hamlin family are long-time friends and generous supporters of Hope Builders. Since 2001, both Bruce and Cindy Hamlin have advanced Hope Builders’ efforts to create pathways to prosperity for Orange County’s young adults by serving on the board of directors, gala planning committee, and employing program graduates. 

Guaranty Chevrolet has traditionally supported Hope Builders’ annual fundraiser with the generous donation of a brand-new Chevrolet vehicle, raffled off at the gala. However, in response to the virtual campaign shift– the Hamlins have adapted their giving to support Hope Builders’ Amigo Scholarship Program to providing the help a young adult needs, including: instructional materials, uniforms, weekly stipends, monthly childcare and transportation vouchers, hard skills instruction, life skills and employment readiness, case management and job placement and retention support. 

Bruce Hamlin, owner of Guaranty Chevrolet, shares “We support Hope Builders because it’s a win- win for everybody. It’s a win for society, a win for the young people and it’s a win for our business. We are proud to help young people in our community successfully enter the workforce and pursue their dreams for a brighter future.”  

Bruce recently reflected on his “first day of work” story, sharing:  

Hope Builders is extremely grateful to Guaranty Chevrolet and the Hamlin family for their generous and ongoing support as Premier sponsors of 10 Days for Launching Careers