JPMorgan Chase- Driven to Drive Progress


Hope Builders is grateful to JPMorgan Chase for their Premier sponsorship of the 10 Days of Building a Pathway to Prosperity campaign and decades’ long partnership. Their support enables Hope Builders to bridge the gap between young adults in need of mentorship and employers in need of skills workers.  

To describe how philanthropic investments are determined, Sarah Bowles, Vice President and Program Officer, Global Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase, shares “JPMorgan Chase’s approach to corporate responsibility, our “Model for Impact”, focuses philanthropic resources on four key drivers of inclusive economic growth: jobs and skills, small business expansion, neighborhood development, and financial health. Our focus on these strategic pillars of opportunity reflects what we believe are the essential ingredients for creating lasting impact for our communities, customers and employees. These are areas where JPMorgan Chase has made significant, long-term, data-driven investments and a continued commitment to driving progress, with a focus on racial equity.”

Hope Builders is honored to be chosen as a partner in JPMorgan Chase’s efforts to break down barriers to opportunity and create an economy that works for more people.