McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


Hope Builders is proud to recognize McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. as a Platinum sponsor for 10 Days for Launching Careers.

A nationwide industry leader, McCarthy is dedicated to building stronger communities and improving lives by helping those in need. For two decades, McCarthy has partnered with Hope Builders to provide financial, training and advisory support to the construction training program.

Mike Myers, Regional President of McCarthy Building Companies also serves as co-host for the annual  Builder’s Luncheon along with Clark Construction Group and DPR Construction and earlier this year raised over $160,000 for the future construction workforce of Orange County!

“We are proud to launch the young men and women of Hope Builders into life changing construction careers. I remember how humbling my first day in the field was and the lessons since learned. I’ve been fortunate to have found mentors, like Hope Builders, who invested in me and helped me succeed,” Mike shares.

Hope Builders is honored by 20 years of partnership of McCarthy Building Companies and is proud to recognize them as a Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.