Once a Hope Builder, Always a Hope Builder


Hope Builders recently celebrated the following 26 young adults, who achieved the ultimate goal of our program; they not only launched their careers, but for the last 6 months they have remained employed, persisting through the ups and downs that many of us face when starting our professional life. And, Hope Builders has been with them all along their journey – celebrating their successes and coaching them through challenges. Now, they have shown that they are ready to thrive.

We have a saying around here, “Once a Hope Builder, Always a Hope Builder.”

Even though the below graduates will no longer receive our regular support, they will remain important members of our community. They are the face of Hope Builders, referring new trainees, mentoring recent graduates or letting employers know where to find more dedicated and hard-working young people.

Please join me in congratulating our newest group of Hope Builders!

Fall 2021 Hope Builders

Rogelio B.

Erik B.

Julie B.

Matthew D.

Marco E.

Gary F.

Josue F.

Carlos G.

Robert G.

Aurora G.

Marlene H.

Justin J.

Daisy L.

James M.

Marcos M.

Merlyn M.

Genaro M.

Elsa M.

Lourdes M.

Angelica N.

Adrian P.

Edwin P.

Francisco Q.

Destiny R.

Jorge T.

Gerardo V.