PIMCO Foundation Honors Hope Builders


PIMCO Foundation honored Hope Builders with the 2017 Leadership Circle Award, which recognizes organizations “adept at growing their impact and demonstrating ingenuity, while maintaining their quality and increasing their results.” Hope Builders will also receive a $25,000 gift from the PIMCO Foundation.

Shawna Smith, Hope Builders’ Executive Director, accepted the award at a celebration event in Newport Beach on December 7.

“We are ecstatic to receive this honor and support. Thank you PIMCO Foundation for unlocking the kind of opportunities essential to transforming young lives, young families and struggling neighborhoods throughout Orange County,” said Smith.

PIMCO has been a valued partner of Hope Builders throughout the years—contributing financial resources and volunteer hours to help young people advance their skills and better their lives. Ken Miller, Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager of PIMCO, currently serves on Hope Builders’ board of directors.

In Orange County, 43,000 youth are out of work and out of school. By 2027, Hope Builders, with the support of partners like PIMCO Foundation, will triple its current capacity, and continue to empower disadvantaged youth who lack access to opportunity.