The R.J. Noble Company


Hope Builders is proud to recognize The R.J. Noble Company as a Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.  

Following Mike Carver’s retirement in 2020, KaSondra Gonzalez, VP, along with her brother, Austin Carver, President, ensure the legacy of their family’s company to help pave a better California. “We believe it’s our social responsibility to be a leader within our local community and practice good citizenship in Orange County by supporting transformative organizations like Hope Builders,” Gonzalez shares.  

The steadfast commitment of The R.J. Noble Company to empower Hope Builders’ youth to pave their own pathways to prosperity is evident by their longtime and generous support. Since 2004, R.J. Noble has been a key partner in the organization’s growth and received the 2015 Best of Friends Award. Together we will continue to build a strong workforce for Orange County by providing the mentorship, life skills and job skills training youth need to meet the demands of local employers.    

Hope Builders is thankful to The R.J. Noble Company for their renewed Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.