Roger: A Hope Builders’ Success Story


Roger, a Hope Builders graduate, is on track to earn his bachelor’s degree from West Coast University in health administration in October!

As a first- generation college student, Roger’s pathway to this incredible accomplishment almost wasn’t achieved. After high school, Roger enrolled in community college, but lacked guidance and dropped out after a year and a half with only 30 credits. Feeling discouraged and unsure of his future, Roger jumped at the chance to enroll in Hope Builders healthcare training program after learning about it from a friend.

“I decided to go for it. I was excited and had nothing to lose,” Roger recalls.

Over the course of the 16-week program, Roger excelled in the hands-on learning environment but struggled with medical terminology. He credits his teachers and support specialist, Michelle, for helping him succeed. “They never let me give up and helped me stay motivated when the coursework felt daunting.”

Roger successfully completed training and was selected for a three-month paid internship with Providence’s Revenue Cycle Services. His work ethic and willingness to continue to learn and grow so impressed his managers that he was promoted to a full-time role in the Emergency Care Center.

After 9 years with Providence, Roger moved to City of Hope, where he is now the Patient Access Lead for the Ambulatory Clinic, earning $61,000.

Last year, when Roger’s younger sister, Brianna, was struggling to find a purpose in life while working retail, she was reminded by Roger about Hope Builders. Inspired by her brother’s pathway to prosperity, Brianna also enrolled in the healthcare program. They even shared the same case manager!

Driven with a similar determination, Brianna was an exemplary student and today works as a medical assistant with Providence, earning $25/hour. She also has goals of continuing her education.

Congratulations to both Roger and Brianna for realizing their full potential. Thank you, the Hope Builders community of donors and employers, for making these transformations possible!