Sara Palmer and Jay Hachey

sara palmer

Hope Builders is grateful to Sara Palmer and Jay Hachey for their generous support of 10 Days for Launching Careers as a Platinum sponsor.

Their support dates back to the 2008 Light Up a Life gala. “I remember coming to the gala as a guest of another supporter. New to the workforce myself, I could only afford to support the Career Registry at the time,” Sara recalls.  “I think I bought a uniform because I was so impressed by the trainee at that station.” Over the past 14 years, Sara and Jay have continued to attend the gala and grow their own careers serving the healthcare industry as the Autism President at The Stepping Stones Group and Vice President, Business Development at Symplivia respectively. Sara has helped Hope Builders trainees prepare for the workforce by serving as a mock interviewer and Career Journey speaker.  

Most recently, when the opportunity to provide guidance to the newly launched social enterprise staffing agency, Hope Builders Careers Connections (HBCC), came up a few years ago Sara jumped at the chance to get deeper involved. “Having started out my career in staffing as a recruiter before launching my own agency, I bring a broad and unique perspective to the team. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share lessons learned with the team and continue to be impressed with the growth of HBCC these past few years,” Sara shares.

Please find an early lesson from Sara’s first job out of college in her own “First Day of Work” story featured below.


Hope Builders is grateful to Sara Palmer and Jay Hachey for their dedication to Hope Builders and the young adults in our community. We are proud to recognize them as a Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.