Supplemental Health Care-Investing in a New Generation of Healthcare Professionals

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We had a chance to speak with Greg Palmer, President and CEO of Supplemental Health Care, Premier sponsor of Hope Builders’ 10 Days of Building a Pathway to Prosperity campaign.  

When asked why Supplemental Health Care chose to sponsor Hope Builders? Palmer responded, “It’s an extremely well-run organization that is leading disadvantaged youth to brighter futures, through innovative training, support and job placement. It’s important that our philanthropic dollars go to organizations that match our culture and who we are as an organization. We have 4 pillars in our culture – a culture of caring, healthcare expertise, serving a broad continuum of care and high tech and high touch – for us Hope Builders is a perfect match.” 

Palmer encourages others to learn more about the Hope Builders’ model. “I continue to be impressed with how Hope Builders recruits, trains, mentors and places youth within a model that allows the student to be paid to learn and clients pay for services. It’s a sustainable model.” 

Hope Builders appreciates the generous support of Supplemental Health Care and is proud to partner with them to train and mentor a new generation of healthcare professionals.