Thank You for your Emergency Funding Support

Hope Builders received over $290,000 in emergency funds to support its trainees through the pandemic.
Thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors and our friends at the Cedar Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Thompson Family Foundation, and TKF Youth Development we’ve raised over $290,000 to provide emergency assistance to Hope Builders’ trainees.

“I thought I’d have to give up on my dream…”
These gifts helped a young woman in our healthcare training program buy groceries, formula and diapers for her family when her husband lost his job. “I cried so hard when my husband lost his job. I thought I’d have to give up on my dream of working in the medical field. When I told my case manager she helped us get the help we needed so I could stay enrolled. I cried again, but this time they were happy tears.”

“I never expected this kind of support.”
A young man in our construction training program received funds to cover rent when he lost his second job. “I never expected this kind of support. I told my case manager how stressed I was and that I was scared I would relapse. Not only did she call me every day until I got placed in my internship, but she also helped me keep my housing. Thank you!”

Thank you for ensuring our young people don’t have to defer their dreams for a brighter future.
Moving forward, these funds will ensure that all enrolled trainees have daily access to high speed internet to keep up with their virtual learning coursework. Thank you for your ongoing generosity. Your continued support provides Hope Builders’ young adults mentorship, job skills training and life skills training that meet the needs of local employers.