The Palmer Family Foundation- Investing in Hope Builders’ Future

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Hope Builders is thankful to The Palmer Family Foundation for their dedication to helping Hope Builders expand its social enterprise and for generously sponsoring the 25 Days For Building Hope campaign as a Premier Sponsor. In 2001, Greg and Sally Palmer attended Hope Builders’ annual Light Up a Life gala for the first time and have been involved ever since. Most recently, Greg co-founded and sits on Hope Builders’ HB100 Advisory Board, a growing coalition of executives committed to transforming lives, and Sally supports the Hope Builders’ gala planning committee.

Greg’s 30 plus years of staffing industry expertise played a pivotal role in HB100’s launch of the Jobs Work social enterprise. Jobs Work functions as a staffing agency. Hope Builders links young adults to paid internships with employer partners. During their internship, trainees are paid minimum wage and Hope Builders charges each employer an hourly fee for 400 hours of on-the-job training. After the internship phase, trainees and employers have the option to transition to full-time employment.

The Palmers have also been steadfast in their efforts to engage their network in Hope Builders. Over the past several years they have quietly championed the Palmer Amigo Challenge asking their colleagues and friends to contribute Amigo Scholarships to ensure Hope Builders’ trainees receive the hands-on job training, mentoring and and life skills training, that helps them move from poverty to prosperity.

Hope Builders is grateful to The Palmer Family Foundation for their ongoing support of Hope Builders.