The R.J. Noble Company


Hope Builders is grateful to The R.J. Noble Company and their renewed support as Platinum sponsors of 10 Days for Launching Careers.

The R.J. Noble Company’s mission of “Helping Pave a Better California” extends to supporting nonprofit organizations that empower people to improve their lives as well as future generations to come.

KaSondra Gonzalez, VP, explains, “We believe it’s our social responsibility to be a leader within our local community and practice good citizenship in Orange County by supporting transformative organizations like Hope Builders.”

The company’s commitment to the values of hard work, integrity and compassion creates a natural partnership with Hope Builders. For more than 15 years, they have generously supported the mentorship, life skills and job skill training young adults need to meet the demands of local employers. In 2015, Hope Builders presented The R.J. Noble Company with the Best of Friends Award in recognition of their partnership.

Hope Builders is proud to recognize The R.J. Noble Company as a Platinum sponsor of 10 Days for Launching Careers.