Trainee Update: Juan G.

Juan G_ (002)

As you may recall, during our Fall 10 Days for Building a Pathway to Prosperity campaign, Juan, a construction trainee, shared how Hope Builders’ skills training and mentorship was helping him launch his career.

Juan grew up in Santa Ana with a single mother and three younger brothers. He felt angry and grieved the absence of his father, often using it as an excuse for what he calls “bad choices.” After graduating high school Juan enrolled in college but struggled to complete his courses due to substance abuse and a lack of support. His self-esteem plummeted. Juan dropped out and spent the next eight years picking up odd jobs in the restaurant industry and struggling with addiction. The lack of personal and career growth began to weigh heavily on him. He deeply desired change and set out on a mission to break the vicious cycles that had consumed his life for nearly a decade.

At 28 years old, Juan left the restaurant industry and enrolled in Hope Builders Construction Training Program where he learned skills to prepare him for a career. Juan recalls, “Hope Builders helped reassure me I was on the correct path, and I learned to accept the help I needed.”

Juan credits his newfound support system at Hope Builders with helping him gain the confidence he needed to enter a new career field. In September, Juan successfully completed Hope Builders’ skills training and now works full-time with Sunwest Electric. He is earning $17/hour ($35,360 annually) with full benefits as a Laborer/helper.

Juan is also more active in the lives of his three younger brothers and now attends parent-teacher conferences, drives them to extracurricular activities and coaches their soccer teams. Juan has become the male role model he always longed for to ensure his brothers don’t make the same mistakes he did. Juan shared the pride he feels in finally helping to support his mother, “Thank you so much for this life changing opportunity. You helped me obtain my career and made my family proud.” He went on to say, “I see myself returning to college to complete my degree and advancing in my career. I know I have a bright future.”

Click here to hear more from Juan G. https://youtu.be/DN1HlfeUoh8