Volunteer Testimonial: Bridget Ford


How long have you been volunteering with Hope Builders?
“My friend who was a local carpenter volunteered with The Benchmakers 20 years ago and introduced me to Hope Builders and Sister Eileen. I saw the young adults work very hard to learn new skills and be productive with their time so that they could change their futures. I was inspired to see the youth learning practical job and life skills in order to overcome personal obstacles and become positive community members. Ever since, I’ve had a passion to volunteer with the program.”

What’s inspired you to stay involved for 20 years?
“I understand the struggles these young adults face. When I was young—before I turned my life around by enrolling in a trade school—I faced the same ones. Once Insight Investments, the company I now co-own, began hiring Hope Builders graduates I could see how prepared they were for the workforce. Many have become long-term employees, grown their own families and attend the Light Up A Life gala with the company every year.”
Insight Investments

How does your volunteer work help Hope Builders’ further its impact in the community?
“For the past several years, I’ve helped plan Hope Builders’ annual Light Up A Life gala. More recently, I’ve gotten involved in the organization’s expansion efforts to transform more young lives throughout Orange County. I enjoy bringing people together for a common cause and being a part of something that impacts the community.”

What is your favorite part of your work on the Light Up A Life gala?
“The highlight is when I have the opportunity to speak with the trainees or graduates who volunteer at the gala and learn about their personal experiences in the program. I am amazed by the distinct transformations and communication abilities of Hope Builders’ youth.”

What does Hope Builders mean to you?
“Hope Builders provides a safe and trusting place for youth to be their true selves. The welcoming and supportive environment allows young adults to conquer daily trials and move toward a hopeful and fulfilling future.”

Do you enjoy volunteering at Hope Builders?
“Yes! I always have a great time planning Light Up A Life, and enjoy the challenge of finding new opportunities for guests to engage with the current trainees and graduates. It’s especially heartwarming to see youth return year after year to volunteer at the event! It is a great way to see our volunteer and supportive efforts come to life with students and graduates.”

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Join Bridget and share your interests and talents to support Hope Builders’ annual gala. Assist with event elements such as securing auction items, promoting the car raffle, assisting with event messaging and helping to design the event theme and décor elements.

Contact Shirley Hann at (714)543-5105 ext.128 or shann@tsjhopebuilders.org.