Where Are They Now, continued…


As you may have read in our Winter 2021 Newsletter, Ruben and Maricela, two recent graduates of Hope Builders’ training successfully launched their careers.

23-year old Ruben applied to Hope Builders healthcare training program after learning about it from a friend. He felt stuck working in a minimum wage job at his neighborhood recreation center in Anaheim. He feared that he missed his opportunity for a brighter future since he allowed the negative influences of his friends in High School to distract him from his goals.

Maricela struggled to support her two children on her own. They rented a bedroom in a shared house while she worked at a nearby fast-food restaurant. Growing up in the foster care system, Maricela didn’t feel that she had anyone to turn to for advice or direction. She was inspired to apply to Hope Builders’ behavioral health training program due to her passion for working with children.

Once Ruben and Maricela completed their initial application, interview, skills assessment and drug test, they enrolled in our training program. They joined the Hope Builders community that cares about them and supports their ongoing well-being. That community is not just our staff. It’s also people like you, who are united in the belief that opportunities make a difference and that when our trainees succeed, our community becomes stronger. “Taking classes virtually was the hardest part of my training. My instructor wouldn’t let me give up!” Ruben shared.

Both Maricela and Ruben also received support from our Career Registry to help them address the things that are most likely to get in the way of success on the job. “My kids are my inspiration. I was able to focus on my classes, knowing my kids were being safely cared for by a babysitter thanks to the monthly childcare voucher Hope Builders provided.”

Through their hard work and determination, coupled with Hope Builders’ mentorship, job skills and life skills training, Ruben and Maricela both successfully launched their careers and turned their lives around.

Ruben has been working at MemorialCare Medical Group since March 2021 as a medical assistant earning $58,000 annually plus benefits. “Thank you,” Ruben says, “Hope Builders helped me become more confident and come out of my shell. I know I have what it takes to be successful.”

Since February 2021, Maricela has been working at the Mitchell Child Development Center earning $16.50/hour. “I always thought I’d be stuck in a job that I didn’t enjoy. Now, I love my job!” she exclaimed.