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Hope Builders: A solution to getting Orange County’s young people back to work

  Hope Builders has finalized its implementation model to annually prepare 280 young adults for careers. In March, Hope Builders shifted its programs to online instruction, virtual case management, therapy and career readiness courses. Realizing that the ongoing pandemic called for longer-term flexibility, Hope Builders worked with a team to identify and implement a blended Read More »

Thank You for your Emergency Funding Support

Hope Builders received over $290,000 in emergency funds to support its trainees through the pandemic. Thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors and our friends at the Cedar Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Thompson Family Foundation, and TKF Youth Development we’ve raised over $290,000 to provide emergency assistance to Hope Builders’ trainees. “I thought I’d have Read More »

You Helped Grecia Launch her IT Career

During these uncertain times, Hope Builders is happy to share some good news. Thanks to your support, Grecia has launched her IT career! “Life kept getting in the way…” After she found out she was pregnant, it took Grecia a little bit longer to finish high school. She eventually graduated and hoped to one day Read More »

Hope Builders Helps an Employer Meet Workforce Needs

One of our employer partners, Drawer Box Specialties (DBS), recently selected two young adults, Andrew and Damian, from Hope Builders construction training program to join their company. Hope Builders regularly follows up with employers to ensure satisfaction.  After completing Hope Builders’ construction training program, employer partners offer 12-week paid internships for those who demonstrate readiness Read More »

Getting Young People Back To Work

As the country’s unemployment rate continues to rise—Hope Builders is proud to share that we continue to link young adults to jobs. We are hopeful these young adults will do well in their new positions, because more than 70% of the trainees that we placed into employment this year remain employed! Thanks to your support, Read More »

Seven Hope Builders’ Trainees Interviewing for Immediate Job Openings

It’s been another busy week at Hope Builders as we continue to get Orange County’s young people back to work. Seven Hope Builders’ trainees requested for immediate job openings. Hope Builders’ employment services team regularly connects with employment partners to ensure we are their first source for talent. These efforts paid off this week with Read More »

Helping Young People Get Back to Work

As the unemployment numbers steadily rise, Hope Builders continues to be a solution for getting Orange County’s young people back to work. 6,000 young adults prepared for the workforce and we’re just getting started. We know how to get young people back to work. Over the past 25 years, Hope Builders has provided over 6,000 Read More »

You Helped Rebecca Change Her Life

Thanks to the mentorship, job skills and training your support provided, Rebecca—a Hope Builders healthcare training academy graduate—has achieved an incredible transformation! “My mom passed away when I was 6 months pregnant. I applied to Hope Builders to make her proud.” After graduating from high school Rebecca started working as a server. A few years Read More »

Francisco is Rehired as an IT Technician!

Hope Builders is dedicated to sharing good news with you during the coronavirus pandemic. We just received word that Francisco, a graduate of Hope Builders’ Information Technology academy, was rehired by C3 Tech after they received a Payroll Protection Program loan! “It was a lot of work, but in the end, it was worth it.” Read More »

Irene and Jesus Launched Their Careers as Essential Workers

This week two more Hope Builders’ interns joined the workforce as essential workers. Your support helped Irene and Jesus launch their careers with 24HRC, a firm that provides structural restoration services to Orange County businesses. Essential worker, Irene, is excited to get to work with her hands.   Irene came to Hope Builders after seeing Read More »