Q & A with Hope Builders’ Outreach Manager


In response to a few inquiries we’ve received on Hope Builders’ relaunched Child Development Careers Training Program, we conducted the following Q & A with Dominique Misher, Outreach Manager at Hope Builders. As you will see, Dominique and her team deploy several activities and strategies to recruit young adults, who are motivated and capable, but lack access to affordable pathways to advance out of poverty.  Thank you to our community of Hope Builders for making this work possible!

Q: How do young people find out about Hope Builders?

A: Our greatest recruitment resource is word of mouth referrals. Over 65% of interested applicants hear about us from a friend or family member.

Q: What about the other 35%?

A: The outreach team is very active in the community. We attend various events, host events at our training sites, and regularly visit our community partners.  We currently receive referrals from at least 60 other community organizations such as the Orange County Department of Education, Orangewood, Project Kinship, OC Conservation Corps, the OC Probation Department and Fristers and are always working to identify new partners.

Q: Can you walk us through the typical process once a potential trainee expresses interest in one of Hope Builders’ training programs?

A: Within the first hour of receiving an inquiry, my team reaches out to the potential applicant. During this initial conversation we want to learn how they heard about us, which training program (healthcare or construction), they are interested in, and what’s motivating them to apply. We’re mostly focusing on getting to know them and hearing how we can help them achieve their goals.

We’ll continue these conversations over the next few days or even weeks—usually it takes between 5-12 calls—before they are ready to meet us in person for a tour and ultimately submit an application. We’ve learned that once potential applicants can see our training facility, meet us in person and even hear from current trainees and alumni they trust that we are the right place to help them launch their careers.

Q: What’s the one thing you wish every potential trainee knew about Hope Builders?

A: That we are here to support them and help them reach their goals!

When working with young adults, ages 18 to 28, we know they have a number of other responsibilities. We want to make sure they are successful.  In addition to free job training and mentorship, Hope Builders supports them financially by providing a weekly stipend, childcare vouchers, transportation assistance, uniforms, computers, etc.

From the moment someone applies, we walk them through every step of the journey towards achieving their career goals.