Trainees Share About Their Mock Interview Experiences  

You recently heard from William Vu, a volunteer Hope Builders’ mock interviewer about his experience helping trainees prepare to launch their careers. 

To better understand the impact of mock interviews as a crucial confidence building exercise and culmination of months of intensive coaching and interview skill preparation, we asked Luis and Lesly, current Clinical Medical Assisting trainees, to share their perspective.  

How was your experience with mock interviews? 

Luis: “My experience was nothing short of great I received great feedback from the five interviewers. Their advice was not only helpful for my career path but also life in general.” 

Lesly: “The experience was amazing. The interviewers were polite and not intimidating. They provided great feedback to help me improve.” 

Were you nervous, and if so, how did you deal with your nerves? 

Luis: “Yes, I was nervous. To ensure I was able to remain calm, I did my best to mentally prepare myself, took deep breaths, and relaxed beforehand to not let the nerves get to me.” 

Lesly: “I was nervous, but I practiced in class before and that really helped. Although I felt prepared, I am still nervous until I settled in during the second interview.” 

What did you find helpful about the mock interview experience? 

Luis: “I found everything helpful because this experience gave me the chance to see how it’s going to be when I go to actual interviews.” 

Lesly: “It was helpful because it made me realize it is not scary and took away the intimidation. I now feel comfortable and confident. I feel ready.” 

If you would like to volunteer to help our trainees build confidence in future mock interviews, please contact Krista Langford at 714-543-5105 ext. 406.