Hope Builders: A solution to getting Orange County’s young people back to work

  Hope Builders has finalized its implementation model to annually prepare 280 young adults for careers. In March, Hope Builders shifted its programs to online instruction, virtual case management, therapy and career readiness courses. Realizing that the ongoing pandemic called for longer-term flexibility, Hope Builders worked with a team to identify and implement a blended…


You Helped Rebecca Change Her Life

Thanks to the mentorship, job skills and training your support provided, Rebecca-a Hope Builders healthcare training academy graduate-has achieved an incredible transformation! “My mom passed away when I was 6 months pregnant. I applied to Hope Builders to make her proud.” After graduating from high school Rebecca started working as a server. A few years…


Give to Support Emergency Funds for Hope Builders’ Trainees

For Hope Builders’ trainees, these unprecedented times—compounded by the conditions of poverty—result in great uncertainty and anxiety. We continue to provide virtual mentorship to ensure all our young adults are coping with their challenges in healthy and constructive ways. Business Applications 12 trainees are using personal and Hope Builders’ laptops to continue online coursework. Information…


Hope Builders Urgently Needs Your Help

Dear Community Members, Hope Builders urgently needs your help. I am particularly worried that our current trainees, who have demonstrated so much progress to date, risk falling even further behind. To make matters worse, Hope Builders has postponed its annual Builder’s Luncheon and is also projecting lower revenue through its social enterprise, leading to an anticipated shortfall of almost $300,000 through the end…

Ana & Gabriela - How Your Support Impacted an Entire Family

Ana & Gabriela- How Your Support Impacted An Entire Family

Two sisters with different careers aspirations, who both financially struggled as single mothers, were able to find meaningful careers through Hope Builders. Ana was 12 and Gabriela, 10, when their family moved to the United States from Mexico. Despite the hard adjustment, they were both able to successfully graduate from high school. Shortly after graduation,…